Share and spread Elements of Effective Thinking

by 5elementsofthinking

Welcome to the world of Effective Thinking. You are invited to share your stories about how you applied the elements of effective thinking in your own life. No story is too small or too large. It could be about your personal life or your work life. It could be about a small issue or an experience that transformed you or an entire organization. In addition, feel free to send us stories that are not your own, but instead are instances in which the elements of eff ective thinking have changed other individuals or institutions—maybe even changed the course of history.

We welcome actual examples of real-life applications of these elements of thinking. If the story is not from your own experience, then also include the source in which you found it—perhaps a book, newspaper, or website. To share your stories, just click “Leave a comment” below.

Thank you for helping to spread effective thinking.